Dawn of Man in Mesopotamia


Day 1 ARRIVAL TO ISTANBUL- Welcome to Istanbul, the city on two continents. You are met by your tour manager and escorted to your hotel. Rest of the day is at your leisure. Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 2 ISTANBUL- Morning visit to old town (UNESCO World Heritage-1985); see the Hippodrome where chariot races, social and political events took place; see the Egyptian Obelisk, the Serpent Column, visit the 6th century jewel Hagia Sophia, 17th century masterpiece Blue Mosque and the amazing Basilica Cistern. Continue with breath taking Topkapi Palace and Harem from 15th  century and close the day with a colorful visit to Grand Bazaar. Overnight in Istanbul. (B) 
DAY 3 MARDIN- Early flight to Mardin. Drive to Midyat, Tur-'Abdin in Aramaic. Visit the 4th century Mor Gabriel Monastery and Grand Mosque from 12th century. Visit ateliers of skillful silver filigree masters and have free time in the historic narrow streets and and mingle with the locals. A tribute to stone work with its unique architecture and magnificent setting. Return Mardin and visit Deyrulzafaran Monastery from 5th century that is built on a former Sun Temple (1000 BC). The congregation still speaks Aramaic, language that Jesus spoke. Chances to make unforgettable memories and take surrealistic pictures all day long. Overnight in Mardin. (B,D) 
Day 4 SANLIURFA- Set off for Urfa, birth place of Abraham. See the oldest temple ever found in the world, Gobekli Tepe from 11.000 years ago. Visit Harran, a mystifying settlement with amazing beehive huts. Also see the remains of the trading fortress and the first Islamic university. Spend some time in the colorful old bazaar, an enjoyable experience to mix with the locals and rest with a Turkish coffee in the end of the day. Overnight in Sanliurfa. (B,D) 
DAY 5 ADIYAMAN- NEMRUT- Morning in Urfa; visit Pond of Holy Fish and Cave of Abraham where it is accepted entirely holy and revered highly. See the Ataturk Dam on the way, the 5th largest one in the world, a man made lake that is seen from space that has transformed the once semi-desert lands into green cotton fields. Overnight in Kahta (B,D) 
DAY 6 GAZIANTEP- Early morning for the unique experience of watching sunrise from atop Mt. Nemrut (UNESCO World Heritage List-1987). Drive down and have a warming Turkish tea by the mythological  Euphrates River. Continue to Gaziantep; land of kebabs, pistachio baklava and mosaics. Visit the ancient site of Zeugma and see the Bald-ibis Biogenetic Reserve in Birecik (also Hermit Ibis), a unique chance to see the species that is extinct everywhere else on the planet. Overnight in Gaziantep. (B,D) 
DAY 7 ISTANBUL- Visit Gaziantep Archeology Museum before you leave for Istanbul, see the breath taking mosaics from Zeugma and age old artifacts from the region which includes the remains of a 3,500 years old mammoth. Drive to the airport for flight to Istanbul. Overnight and farewell dinner is at the hotel in Istanbul. (B,D) 
DAY 8 DEPARTURE- Transfer to airport for the flight home. (B)



 Dawn of Man:

This tour takes you from vivid modern life of Istanbul to enigmatic dormant depths of history in Mesopotamian soil.. then, shatters the old basic knowledge about our transition from hunting-gathering to agriculture and makes you reevaluate human development. Presents untouched treasures of arts and architecture along with different walks of life as you enjoy befriending hospitable locals. Takes you around the holy lands of the Holy books.. as you journey from one place of worship to the other.. a path to the remarkable adventure of rediscovering your inner self will be paved by the blessings of the Fertile Crescent that has permeated to man's heart since the beginning of time.. 
Gobekli Tepe; the oldest place of worship in the world, history books are rewritten..
Urfa; the holiest city in Fertile Crescent, visit the Cave of Prophet Abraham..
Harran; mentioned twice in Genesis.. find your roots on Earth..
Zeugma; best examples of mosaic art ever unearthed..
Nemrut; where the kings and deities watched uncountable sunrises and sunsets together..
Live the fabulous synergy of different faiths side by side..
Istanbul; a jewel spanning two continents, the capital of last three great empires